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Great Automatic Machinery Company specializing in R&D the production of vertical packaging machines, as we as sales. Great company gathered many technicians with years of experience in packaging machinery industry, R&D and manufacture the cost-effective vertical form-fill-seal machine.

Great always adhere to the "customer first, honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation" service concept, to provide customers with high-quality products and the best quality service to ensure a win-win good wishes.

service items

1, transport services

 Great company on behalf of the equipment for transport, from beginning to end to provide users with timely, fast and comprehensive services to ensure that users order the equipment in a timely manner and safely reach the destination.

2, installation and commissioning

The company sent an experienced technical staff responsible for the equipment provided in the installation process to provide technical guidance services; at the same time equipment and production line debugging work to enable users in the shortest possible time to master the operation, maintenance and maintenance technology to ensure compliance production.

3, quality assurance

After the factory is shipped, the factory will receive timely feedback within three hours after receiving the user's notice if the quality of the equipment is in the quality guarantee period of one year and provide the corresponding measures.

4, personnel training services

The company is responsible for the equipment for the user's electrical, mechanical operation and maintenance personnel and production line management personnel system, comprehensive, multi-channel training services.

5, accessories supply services

Responsible for the timely supply to the user reliable, fair prices of vulnerable parts to ensure that its production line for continuous production. Warranty period, the parts in the normal use of damage, can provide free replacement; warranty period, the long-term supply of spare parts, only charge the cost.

6, technical upgrading services

 Great company in the production of equipment used in the new technology, new technology will be informed to users at any time, and to provide users with thoughtful technical transformation services to ensure that users can always use the equipment to maintain the advanced nature of technology