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Company culture

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Corporate culture

Business objectives: to do first-class suppliers.

Enterprise goals: enterprising integrity harmony innovation.

Business Policy: Your request for my direction.

Staff spirit

Efforts to develop and develop themselves. Zhicheng lofty, self-improvement.

Adhere to cooperation, stability as the basis, improve the lack of innovation.

You find the problem without trying to solve, which makes the company to decline.

▍ our values

For the community, the workers are the most glorious. The customer is our God.

To a healthy physique, mature psychology, visionary creativity, for the company to create the most valuable benefits.

Company philosophy: Your satisfaction is our pursuit of your safety is our commitment

Enterprise goals: a number of first-class image of a first-class service industry pioneer

Entrepreneurship: loyal professional and mighty civilization

Enterprise style: strict requirements strictly enforced

Service concept: integrity-based customer first safety first quality service

Service Mission: The customer is the service of God is the soul of the quality of the blood.

Corporate philosophy: Cheng Lake anyway, always give you a satisfactory account.

Mission: high-quality and quality service, cooperation for survival, cooperation and development, cooperation for wealth.

Quality: customer requirements is our quality, continuous improvement to achieve customer satisfaction commitment.

"Expand the market, create business opportunities" is our goal

"Knot friends, conspiracy win-win" is our pursuit

Service: service is our most important product. The company for the customer service, administrative services for the sale, the higher level of subordinate service is our main work content.

Innovation: constantly changing, at any time to improve. The company can accept the mistakes brought by innovation, and can not tolerate the mediocre caused by the conservative.

Unity: mutual respect, mutual help, mutual tolerance, and jointly create a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere.

Enterprise goals: first-class quality, first-class service, first-class benefits.

Entrepreneurial spirit: unity and dedication, realistic and innovative; adhere to the people-oriented, abide by the quality of gold, with the construction of male-based Albert, create industry brand

Market concept: to find, develop the most suitable for our market and strive to achieve the highest share.

Talent concept: fair as evidence, people-oriented, mainly to Germany, both ability and political integrity.

Service concept: honest and trustworthy, the user first, the intention of service, perfect, check customer needs, beyond the customer expectations.